You’ve built a business, day in and day out, but have you built a solid brand?

Your brand is your visual identity and a key component of your overall experience. Let us help you build a cohesive brand that embodies the business you’ve tirelessly poured your heart in soul into!



If you’re looking for someone to design a clean and classy, yet eye-catching advertisement for your business, I’m your girl! From one simple line ad to a comprehensive ad campaign, Sundance & Co. can help you create stand out advertising with tight, easy-to-read, and to the point copy.

Social Media

social media

You know your business needs to be on social media, but you just don’t know what to post — the ever-changing algorithms are getting you down — or your just way to busy running the show to worry about creating content for social media. Your business is your jam, social media doesn’t have to be! Whether you just want a little help creating quality, fun and engaging content or you want to hand over the reigns entirely, Sundance & Co. can help!