About Nolan

nolan richard bell

I am a first generation auctioneer from Somerset, Pennsylvania. I fostered a love for the auction industry at a young age. While attending auctions with my family, I became intrigued by the sound and energy of auctioneers, began imitating them, and soon found my calling. 

I missed my high school graduation to hop on a plane and head to auction school. It paid off because that summer I won the 2010 International Junior Auctioneer Championship. 

I am a graduate of The World Wide College of Auctioneering (2010) and The Texas Auction Academy (2015), where I am now one of the youngest auction instructors in the world. I also own Dynamic Auction Group, a full service real estate and personal property auction company.

I was lucky to find someone who likes to travel and eat ice cream as much as I do. Julia and I have been together for seven years. We created Sundance & Co. to share our story. 

We hope you'll wander with us everywhere we go.