Time to Stop Comparing Ourselves to Others

Sometimes I feel lost in a sea of Texans here at A&M. Truly, I am a small fish with big dreams in an even bigger pond. Especially in my classes relating to agriculture, it doesn't take long for me to feel discouraged just for a moment. Many of my peers come from agricultural backgrounds that are hard not to be envious of; exhibited and even won at major shows, family owns a huge livestock operation, extensive FFA opportunities, etc. Heck, last semester a girl in my animal science class competed for the title of Miss America in 2014. If that's not intimidating, I don't know what is.

I suppose it's human nature to think this way, but for me it's a constant struggle that needs to end. With the new year I made a few goals for myself. Not a "new years resolution" because I hate them and in case you haven't noticed people, they rarely stick! So I prefer to make goals. One of them being to stop comparing myself to others; academically, physically, aesthetically, etc.

Anyone want to take a guess at whether I achieved that goal yet? Uh obviously not, if you read the first paragraph... It's a nasty habit to break. But maybe just maybe it's like what they say about going to the gym; if you recruit a friend then you're not only obligated to do it for yourself, but you definitely can't let them down either. So who is with me on this one?

It's easy to compare and social media has become the ultimate culprit. With the help of social media, not only do we compare ourselves to people in our lives, but people we've never even met. How much fun is that? Ugh. It's 2016 and we need to cut the crap. I've said it before and I'll say it again, social media isn't a true representation because generally, we only post the good stuff. I know I sure don't post a selfie on a bad hair day!

With that being said, now who is actually with me?

This year, I'm not going to stop being an avid social media user (because I love it). I will however, be boycotting any jealousy or negative energy that comes my way when I come across a rockin' Instagram account. When I meet someone who has had some pretty awesome experiences in their life, instead of being jealous, I'm going to think about all the cool things I've done. And rather than putting myself down when the girl beside me in class is having a way better hair day than me, I'm going to compliment her! Then, of course, wake up a little earlier the next day to make sure bad hair doesn't happen two days in a row.

All kidding aside, to stop comparing myself to others in all aspects of life is a current goal of mine. If by reading this you thought, "hmm I do that too, way more than I ever realized and I need to stop it right now" make it your goal too and let's make it happen!

Julia HayComment