When Your Best Friend Goes to The Army

In life, growing up and going separate ways from your friends is inevitable. The whole way through school we think about our future; where we'll end up, where our friends will be, and the people we'll become. Often, we find ourselves and our friends in places our elementary school selves never imagined. Though we all graduate and go our separate ways, it is all different when your best friend goes to the Army.

When your best friend goes to the army...

First, you say you're so proud of her and happy for her. You talk about the benefits; paid education, job opportunities, discipline. But at the same time a whirlwind of emotions hits you. Thoughts of boot camp and the tough road ahead of her flood your mind, but you remember how strong she is and you're no longer worried. Then, you think about how much you'll miss her. And then, the reality that she could someday get deployed sets in. But once again, you remember how strong she is and you just stick with being proud. 

The time before she leaves for boot camp flies by, but you spend that time carefully, treasuring every memory. 

When she leaves, you cry a lot, and she reminds you it's "only for nine weeks and why the heck are you crying like a baby". At that point you realize once again why she is the one going to the Army, not you. 

While she's at boot camp you will miss her. But you go back to snail mail and write many letters because that's all you've got. So much joy is found in those letters, especially the first one you weren't expecting or anticipating. You also pray for her, a lot. Surprisingly, that time flies by. 

When she graduates boot camp, you're proud again. So proud. 

When you can finally talk again, after boot camp, you realize how small your petty problems like waking up for an 8 a.m. college class are. And you learn not to complain again, because she won't want to hear it after all she's been through. You also learn she's not the crazy kid she was when she went into boot camp. But you accept that, and love that, because she makes you proud. 

When your best friend goes to the Army, you are a little prouder to be an American. You find yourself standing a little taller for the national anthem and saying the pledge a little louder. I think one of the most honorable things a person can do is serve our great country.  So when your best friend goes to the Army, she remains your best friend, but also becomes your hero.

Julia HayComment