Why I Blog

Updated version: I started my blog in my first semester of college. For an escape and a place to share my thoughts. Five months later, it's hard to believe how much it's grown. A week ago, I wrote my first viral post! Crazy. Now I'm on my own site, with a name other than my own, ready to make things happen.

Though much has changed in the last couple of months, my reasons for blogging have not!

I contemplated blogging for months
I read article after article, blog after blog, about how to start one, why to blog, the do and don'ts of blogging, etc. It was overwhelming and for months I let myself be discouraged by this. The week that I finally wrote my first post, I wrote the blog first and took the rest of the week to decide which blog site to use. I liked the way I could personalize Blogger and make it my own. Plus it was super easy to use! However, I quickly outgrew blogger and began looking for something more professional.

Writing for comfort and empowerment
That week, I was so homesick I didn't know what to do with myself. I wanted nothing more than to go home, but that wasn't an option. Writing has always comforted me. I've kept various journals for years, but never actually kept up with them. I never minded writing papers in high school or the dreaded scholarship essays. I actually have my writing skills to thank for many of the scholarships I received. So when I was battling the worst homesickness I've ever experienced, I decided to write about it. When writing "battling homesickness", I thought if I could take my experiences and turn them into something that could possibly help someone else, that maybe it would help me as well.

I only shared my first blog post with about three people; my mom, Nolan, and Abby. I wasn't blogging in hopes of recognition, I was just happy to write and even happier if someone else happened to like what I wrote. Week two I wrote "When Your Best Friend Goes to The Army" and again shared it with Abby. I thank her for the encouragement to share it with the world of social media.

Finding myself
About the time that I was dealing with major homesickness I barely passed my first economics exam. For some reason I thought ag economics was what I wanted to do with my life... Boy was I wrong. I actually hate economics. So then set in the panic of what am I going to change my major to? Agricultural Communications and Journalism had been in the back of my mind since my first visit to College Station this summer. They say if you do what you love you'll never work a day in your life. So ag comm it is! Well, until I change my mind again because lets be real, who in college actually knows what they're going to do with their life? For real, ag comm it is. I love it!

To clear my mind
I don't have a list of blog topics stashed away and a calendar of when I'm going to write about what. I just write about what is on my mind, whether it be that week, that day, or maybe just that second that I open up my laptop and sit down to write. Some weeks you may love my blog, some weeks you may hate it. I most definitely don't love everything I write. If just one of my blogs makes you smile, helps you get through something, or is even just relate-able, that's enough for me.

It is so important to take a little time each week and doing something for yourself. That's why I blog.

Please continue to share when you like what you see! I appreciate it a ton.

Thanks y'all

Julia HayComment