Cavin + Stephanie

Western Pennsylvania weather can be tricky, even in the summer. The day of Stephanie and Cavin’s session it called for rain and seemed gloomy all day. The tricky part is, some days like that can produce the best golden hour light and most amazing sunsets. We almost rescheduled, but Cavin assured us it would be alright. We waited out a few minutes of rain at the start of their session, and then sure enough, the rain quit. We ended up with a mix of moody skies and overcast, followed by beautiful golden light just before the sunset. Waiting out that rain was soooo worth it.

Stephanie and Cavin’s Somerset, Pennsylvania couple portrait session was so much fun. They danced in the fields as I tried not to fall in holes or get stuck in mud. And we laughed, a lot. One thing I especially love is the way they incorporated meaningful things into in their session, like Cavin’s International 766 and the pasture of cattle on Stephanie’s family’s farm. Details like that make photographs all the more special.

Enjoy some of my favorites from their session below!