The Ethan Jano Band

The Ethan Jano Band recently released a new self-titled album. The eleven tracks capture the essence of old timey outlaw country, southern rock and roll, and the authenticity of primitive folk music. Frontman/Vocalist/Guitarist, Ethan Jano stated, "all of our inspiration is old." 

Ethan Jano and cousins, Damian (bassist) and Bryce (percussionist), make up The Ethan Jano Band. Their toe tapping melodies and original ballads take you back to a simpler time when family was most important and the music was real. Ethan's father taught him to play his first chords on an old guitar at eight years old, igniting his love affair with music. After Ethan performed for a year as a solo folk singer, Bryce fostered an interest, followed by his brother Damian. Making The Ethan Jano Band a true family affair.

If you liked their first album, "I'll Be Fine", definitely check out "The Ethan Jano Band". Time and experience only did them well. Some music only fits a particular setting. However, The Ethan Jano Band can be enjoyed while simply driving down the road with your family or drinking a beer with your friends on a Friday night. Ethan is a story teller. Each song written with raw emotions that make you want to get inside his head. This album does not lack variety. Strong vocals, like in "Broken Pieces" and "Evil Woman" keep you wanting more of Jano's authentic sound. In contrast, the soft ballads, such as "Piece of Mind" and "I Love You", reveal Jano's compassionate side. Bryce makes his vocal debut in "Irony". Between the sweet combination of vocals, bright sound of the banjo, and memorable lyrics, "Irony" easily becomes an Ethan Jano Band favorite. 

I grew up on old country, listening to the likes of Merle Haggard and Johnny Cash. These days I find myself gravitating towards everything but what they play on the mainstream radio. The Ethan Jano Band is refreshing. Ethan brings energy and charm to each setting with his unique vocal blend and commentary between songs. Live shows reveal their genuine blue collar roots. Bryce never misses a beat. And Damian, the typical mellow bass player, keeps the group steady. These boys never disappoint. 

The Ethan Jano Band can be found on iTunes, Spotify, and Sound Cloud.

If you get the chance to see them live, do not miss it! Check out and their Facebook page for upcoming events! 

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