Getting Back to a Healthy & Fit Lifestyle

Life tends to take a serious toll on our minds and bodies if we let it. Nothing about “adulting” is easy. Just a whole lot of stress, stress, stress. I am prone to worrying about everything. Relax is not a word I’m very familiar with. And the college lifestyle so kindly introduced to me the practice of stress eating… Oreos, mac n cheese, bluebell ice cream, you name it. It has all contributed to making me feel like crap.

Going from being active and health conscious in high school to neither of the two in college has definitely taken its toll. I spent time feeling bad, but somewhere along the line I found myself in the gym. Or maybe it’s because Nolan made me go with him, I can’t remember.

It’s almost been a month now since I started being more active and I can honestly say I feel so much better, mentally and physically! I’m not a fan of health food or a crowded gym, but here are my tips to getting back to fit:

1.      Commit to it and do it. I set an alarm (or 3) in the mornings and try to be active for at least 30 minutes every morning. The mornings I have more time before class, I go to the gym. The others I do an at home Pinterest workout. Check out some of my favorites here!

2.     Find a workout buddy! My mom and her friend Teri can absolutely testify to this. They’ve been hitting the gym after work for probably a year now. My mom says, “I hate the gym, but love the results.” Find someone to hold you accountable and go! My neighbor Kaitlyn and I are both suckers for the snooze button, but we keep each other motivated!

3.     Try exercise classes! Back home, the classes at Precision were my favorite. There’s nothing like sweating your booty off with a bunch of hardworking ladies (and the few brave men)! 

4.    If you're like me and try to avoid a weight room full of man buns at all costs, I recommend hitting the gym early, especially if you're a college student. I dread when that alarm goes off, but now I've found that there's something so calm and peaceful about a morning that isn't rushed.

5.    My sister always says, "abs are made in the kitchen." But I LOVE FOOD and I believe the only good salads are topped with chicken and fries. So, eating healthy is certainly a struggle. However, fruit is my fave! I stick to what I know and substitute it for other unhealthy snacks. I feel a million times better if I snack on a banana with peanut butter than half a sleeve of thin mints.

6.    Do ab exercises every single day. It only takes 15 minutes and bikini season is right around the corner. Especially for us in TX, yikes! I do a variation of different exercises everyday, and Pinterest is my go to girl.  

7.    Stretch, do abs, push ups, planks, etc. while watching TV. I've been binge watching Pretty Little Liars like crazy. Perfect time to do so, right? Wrong. But I'm addicted and can't stop... Yesterday, I challenged myself to stay active for a whole episode and 45 minutes of core flew by! It's worth trying!

8.    Plan out your workout before going to the gym. Having a set plan of what to do and how to do it saves you from wandering around the gym like a lost puppy. Even if you still don't know what the heck you're doing, fake it until you make it! 

9.  It's okay to start slow. Even if I only get in 15 minutes on the treadmill and 10 minutes of abs, that's better than nothing!

I'm no fitness guru or health nut. But I am trying my hardest to get back to a healthy lifestyle. I hope some of these tips will help you! I would love to hear your secrets to success as well. I need all the motivation and help I can get! 

And remember, "healthy is an outfit that looks different on everybody."

Here's to happy, healthy minds and strong bodies!

Xo, Julia Grace

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