The Rebrand | Sundance & Co.

2019 brings a whole new season of life for me. I graduated from Texas A&M University with a Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Communications and Journalism on December 14, 2018! Since then, I announced that I would be pursuing Sundance & Co. full time and extending my services to include wedding photography in addition to all the other portrait, lifestyle, and livestock photography services previously offered, as well as offer branding, design, and social media services! The amount of love, support, and business I’ve received so far is overwhelming in the best possible way. With this exciting season of life, I am also so excited to introduce our updated website and our rebrand:

The Brand

By definition, a brand is an entity’s image and encompasses the overall look and feel of the products and/or services offered by the company. When you think about a brand, maybe you think about a logo, but a brand is much more than that. The brand is the overall experience. The visual brand includes colors, fonts, logos and logotypes all with specific guidelines for usage in a meaningful and strategic way.

Okay, I know I’m a nerd… but this is the stuff that gets me excited!

I decided to undergo a small rebrand to provide a fresh new look and feel for Sundance & Co., and to compliment our new website and the addition of new services! While I wanted to achieve a fresh look, I also wanted to keep some elements of design from my original hand-drawn logo. So I kept the focal point the same — the camera I sketched by hand — and updated the design elements surrounding it to match the sleek and sophisticated look I had in mind.

Fun fact: I built the original Sundance & Co. brand guide in AGCJ 307 Design For Ag Media at Texas A&M, and that’s where I fell in love with the branding process. While other students wanted to rip their hair out trying to choose a color pallet and fonts that paired well, I love every single minute of the class.








I decided to keep the color pallet the same because, “if it aint broke dont fix it".”

In our 2016 brand guide I wrote, “Each color was carefully chosen from pallets inspired by elements in nature and agriculture. The rosy pink at the top serves as the primary color and the pastel blue/green as the secondary. Horticulture is noted as the most beautiful sector of agriculture. To keep a consistent theme, the primary and secondary colors were chosen from plants to help portray beauty and compassion in agriculture … The navy blue, nude, and taupe are tertiary colors to be used sparingly as accent colors.”


Through these small yet intentional changes, I created a fresh new look still consistent with the brand I’ve built over the last three years. All throughout our website, you will find elements of design from our brand guide. From the use of primary and tertiary colors to the combination of fonts, and the presence of our logo, each element of design serves a distinct purpose in the grand scheme of the over all Sundance & Co. brand.

Thank you,

from the bottom of my heart for taking the time to read about our rebrand and the new direction of Sundance & Co. I pour my heart and soul into this business day in and day out to provide a unique and quality experience for our photography, branding and design, and social media clients! From the small acts of support, such as engaging with our posts on social media, to the big ones like trusting me to capture pieces of your life or create for your business, each and every gesture means the world.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

-julia hay