We Choose Trump

 (I am going to keep this short. Trust me I could've wrote you a book)

“I believe in my God, in my country, and in myself. I believe in my God, in my country, and in myself…” No matter how many times I tell myself this, I cannot help but feel uneasy about the future of our country. We can all say we are fortunate to be Americans. But will the future generations be able to say that as well? Today marks a pivotal election for our country. I pray that we don’t take a turn for the worse.

Julia and I both have been fairly private about our political views. I did not intend to write a blog about the election, I've actually been trying to ignore it. However, I felt the weight of it all come down on me today. It hit me like a ton of bricks. The election is hours away. Quite frankly, I’m not very excited to head to the polling station, but it is my civic duty to do so. We can’t expect change if we don’t do anything to facilitate it. 

 Democracy is good when it is the people for the people and not the other way around. One candidate represents the corruption of democracy in which the only people who truly benefit is the government. When the government becomes a larger force, we become smaller. How can we expect to have a voice if we continue to let ourselves be property owned by the government? It was not intended to be that way. Remember it's "We The People" NOT "We The Government"

 President Lincoln spoke of the destruction of America. To sum it up, he said that America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and loose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed it ourselves. The message I take from that is, if we do not get out and voice our opinion and vote, we will continue to allow the destruction of America. 

 Here's the deal, this sucks. How are these the two best possible presidential candidates America has to offer? Whether you're unhappy with your choices or feel that your vote "won't matter", you need to get out and vote.  I understand most of you are disgusted, we are too! Doing nothing at all is not an option. This is reality and the world we live in. The election is not solely about two people, rather the political party control that comes with them and the seats that will be filled. It's about their agendas. It's about what they represent. It’s about our families, and the country we will leave for our children.

Brave men and woman have fought and died to keep this country and our rights. Voting is one of those rights, don't take that for granted. So no matter what your views and beliefs are, go vote! The outcome is our future and we all have a decision to make. For us it was easy, we choose Trump! 

-Nolan & Julia