30 Days of Thankfulness

Can you believe today is November 1st? I swear I was just excited about the beginning of October two days ago... Looking at my full November calendar scares me a lot, but I have so much to look forward to and even more to be thankful for. 

Last night, after hours of studying followed by sleeplessness and Pinterest, I decided that I want to celebrate November with 30 days of thankfulness. I told Nolan about my plan this morning and he was immediately on board! Each day of November we will be sharing what we are thankful for on Instagram and Facebook. {Click the links to follow us if you haven't already}

I also challenge YOU to join me in sharing what you are thankful this month! I'm not making some fancy calendar and suggesting what you should post about each day. I want this to be authentic. See the good in your world. Even on the bad days, seek out something that you are thankful for and tell your friends all about it. 

This whole idea came to me after hours of studying, much frustration, and a lot of crying. Once I calmed down, I laid in my bed and started to think of good things in my life. I was able to see the good through what seemed so bad. Even though my education causes me a lot of stress, I am thankful for this opportunity. Nolan and I are currently 1,000+ miles apart, but we are making it work. And right before I fell asleep, I wished I had a dog in Texas for probably the billionth time that day. {That's still something I'm trying very hard to find the good in.} But then, I thought about my mutts in Pennsylvania and how I will see them in 23 days.

Sharing our 30 days of thankfulness will help me to see the good in each day {I'm even doing double; on my personal insta @juliagracehay and on @sundanceandcompany}. Take the challenge too and share what you're thankful for. Tag us in your posts and hashtag  #30daysofthankfulness to spread your joy all month long! 

XOXO, Julia 

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