Thank You, Farmers

If you ate today, thank a farmer. 

Our society as a whole is disconnected from the farm. We shop in the grocery store, but don't recognize the hands that tended to the stock and grew the crops. It's a shame. Everyday I see more and more ignorance towards farmers on social media. Uneducated people point hateful fingers at American farmers. It seems PETA strives day in and day out to defame these honorable individuals. However, today we need to ignore all the negativity and say, 'thank you'. 

Today is National Farmers Day. 

Thank you, farmers, for your hours of hard work before the sun comes up and long after it goes down. 

Thank you for your compassion in caring for livestock and children. Thank you for supporting 4-H and FFA programs and teaching the next generation to love agriculture as you do. 

Thank you for persevering through economic hardships, anti-agriculture media, and the struggles of everyday life on the farm. Thank you for feeding us all, even the ungrateful.

We cannot thank our farmers enough.

- Julia & Nolan 

Julia HayComment