There's No Place Like Your Hometown

If my first year of college has taught me anything, it's that there truly is no place like home

A year ago I was eager to graduate and excited to start my life outside of my hometown. The true distance of 1,000 miles never really crossed my mind. I thought I'd never look back. 

Some people do never look back, but that's not me. I love the sense of independence I've gained. I love my school. Plus, I can kind of cook now. But when that random yearning for home sets in, I realize that there are a few things I can only find in the place I call home. 

First of all, my mom. I never knew how much I actually relied on that woman until I called shamefully asking how to do a load of laundry. 

A sense of familiarity. You know that Miranda Lambert song, "everybody dies famous in a small town"? It's pretty true. I thought I hated that everyone knows everyone, but then I went to college knowing only one person... It's surprising how much I miss walking into Eat'n Park somewhere around midnight and seeing half a dozen familiar faces. 

Lifelong friends. I truly believe no matter where I go and who I meet, I'll never find better friends than the ones back home. Some will argue that and say, "soon they'll all move away too", but that's not true. Many will stay for life and they'll forever be the best part of going home. 

Family. It's especially weird to call my grandma, rather than walk into her kitchen to eat every Friday night. I knew I'd miss them all, but never knew how much.

Now, that brings me to a home cooked meal. Man, do I miss this. When I said I can kind of cook now, I mean tacos are my specialty... Nothing says home like good food.

The support of a tight knit community. This one's hard to explain, but we all know it exists. We see it when the whole community comes together to support a hurting family. Or the feeling of hundreds behind you, rooting for you to succeed. 

The closer I get to finals, the more I think about home. I'm glad to be seeing the world because it's helping me to see my hometown in new light. There are those whose roots are deep and they will be there for life, and those that can't wait to get out, as far away as possible. The things we love and cherish may differ, but I think we all can agree, there is truly no place like our hometown. 

No matter where I wander, I will always have a strong love for home. Somerset, Pennsylvania. 


Julia Grace

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