Wander to Round Top, TX

The sign reads, "Population 90".  It distinctly greets you as you cross into the Round Top city limits. However, "city" is inaccurate, because Round Top is the epitome of small town Texas. Quaint and welcoming, there is no place quite like it

I love to explore and generally don't feel the need to visit the same place twice. Round Top is an exception. Nolan and I have been there for Antique Week (twice) and another time or two. We love it!

When my mom and aunt came to visit during Texas A&M's Parents' Weekend, we needed to escape the overcrowded craziness of College Station. I knew the drive to Round Top would be short, but would show them the best of Texas' beauty. 

It was the perfect Saturday, spent wandering through every single little boutique, eating delicious food, and taking in all Round Top has to offer. Of course, I recommend embracing your inner Junk Gypsy and visiting during Antique Week {blog to come}. But the quaint little town has plenty to offer any other weekend of the year! So, I decided to share my "must do's" in Round Top, Texas: 

- Start your adventure in Bybee Square Shopping Village!

- Visit Cache Chic for their array of vintage, jewelry, art, and clothing.

- Take a look around Mimi Bella - Fine Linenwear Boutique! Everything by Will Leather Goods is to die for. 

- Grab lunch at one of the great restaurants in town!

- Stop by The Gallery at Round Top for some southern hospitality: puppy style. Pet Lucy and say hello to her sweet owner. 

- Eat a delicious piece of pie at Royers Pie Haven! I tried the Junk Berry, yum! 

- Don't leave Round Top without hopping in your car and heading to the Junk Gypsy Store! Maybe you'll even meet one of the gypsies themselves! 

- Before you leave JG, take a picture with the one and only "Large Marge" (the gypsies' old bubblegum pink truck)!

I could write about Round Top all day long, but it really is something you need to see for yourself. It's not far from Austin, Houston, or College Station. If you want to spend a Saturday my favorite way, just wander over to Round Top.

Enjoy my pictures & check it out for yourself!  Xo,   Julia Grace



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