A Day in Sedona, Arizona

When rain filled the Texas spring break forecast, Nolan and I decided to head for the warmer weather, unlimited sunshine, and family that could only be found in Arizona. I will blog and share pictures from the whole trip soon, but today I want to share our day trip from Mesa to Sedona! (I won't bombard you with pictures from the entire trip all at once)

An entire vacation could easily be spent in the Sedona area. From cute little eateries to adventurous jeep tours and hiking for all levels, the red rocks of Sedona won't leave you bored. We only spent one day there, but it was certainly a day I'll never forget. 

Here's what we did:

Typical of us, we knew we wanted to explore, but didn't know where. We continuously mentioned Sedona for days, but were trying to avoid the 2 1/2 hour drive. Eventually, we gave in. With a late start, abundant snacks from my Gram, and a full tank of gas we set out to our red rock destination. 

I took to Pinterest to find things to do in Sedona while we drove. I came across many recommendations for the Jeep tours, but that's something that needs planned in advance (not something we're good at). So, if you plan your trips out in advance, definitely look into the Jeep tours.

As per usual, I slept halfway to Sedona. We stopped for Starbucks, maps, and suggestions. We arrived in the perfect little town of Sedona and headed straight for something to eat! Nolan and I split a bison burger and fries (definitely big enough for two and delicious) at the Golden Goose American Grill. As we ate our lunch, we decided to adventure by foot and hike one of the many trails of Sedona.

At an information/travel center in town, we picked up a few maps and took the girl's advice on which trail to hike. We chose "Soldiers Pass", a moderate, 5 mile hike. Absolutely beautiful. The whole hike consisted of incredible scenery, perfectly landscaped by the hands of God. I know, I know, enough with the words. Where are the pictures? Well, long story short, somewhere along the way, we took the wrong path while headed back to the car and turned it into a 7 mile hike! But thankfully, we didn't end up stranded in the desert...

I absolutely recommend taking a trip to Sedona at some point in your life! Plan out a fun little trip and spend a couple days. It's so worth it! Also, a word of advice: 7 miles in chacos is no walk in the park, my feet and legs hurt for days.

I hope you enjoy my pictures below & feel inspired to get out and adventure!


Julia Grace

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