To My Boyfriend: Thank You

I hate to be sappy almost as much as I hate to be wrong. So, this isn't sappy, I promise. However, five years ago today, I started falling for my best friend. He's the best guy I know, and I surely don't say thank you enough. So here's a well deserved Nolan appreciation post. 

Dear Nolan,

Thank you for approximately 87932 ice cream cones.

And thank you for all the food you've bought me. Five years worth of breakfast, lunch, and dinner dates - that's a lot of food! 

Thank you for driving me to class when I'm too lazy to park and walk (even though I do sometimes have to bribe you with Smoothie King). 

Thank you for the endless spontaneous adventures. You've taught me how to live freely, I appreciate that. 

Thank you for always being nice. That sounds simple, so cliche. But don't take it lightly. You're one of the kindest, most thoughtful, give the shirt off your back for a stranger kind of guys I know. 

Sometimes I'm sarcastic, give too much sass, cranky, and even mean. It takes a special person to put up with that. Thank you. 

Thank you for always thinking of me. Whether it's surprising me with jewelry from an auction you were at or simply, grabbing me a Dr. Pepper when you pick up the pizza because you know I'd like that, thank you for being thoughtful.

Thank you for being my biggest support system (besides my parents). Thank you for all the cheerleading competitions you sat through just to watch me compete for three minutes and for waking up before the sun many mornings to jackpot livestock with me.

Thank you for following your dreams, while I follow mine. Thank you for seeing a world outside of Somerset County and being willing to explore it with me. 

I could thank you all day, but I know you wouldn't want to read that much. So, most importantly, thank you for being my best friend. People are surprised when I tell them  we've been together for five years. But when you're just doing life with your best friend, it's easy. 

Thank you for everything & I love you,

Julia Grace

P.S. If any of you were ever wondering where "Wander With Grace" came from, that was Nolan's brilliantly creative brain working at its best. I wore mine out for a whole week, thought of every name imaginable... I got back from class one day and he said, "I know what you should name your blog". I seriously couldn't do it without him. 





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