Namibia Travels Part II - See You Later, America

The months spent preparing for my study abroad in Namibia were full of extremely stressful spurts. Sometimes only a couple minutes of intense panic. Sometimes weeks of constant apprehension. However, as I sat on the plane Saturday morning, I felt nothing but a calm state of excitement. 

While enduring my seventeen hour flight, I started thinking about an idea my dear friend and experienced world traveler, Abby, gave me a few weeks ago. She said to write down my thoughts. Express what I am excited about and what makes me nervous. So, I took a small portion of the long haul to write down what was on my mind.

I am excited about….

  • The awesome friendships already forming with my Aggie family
  • Taking photos of EVERYTHING
  • Learning about agriculture and lifestyles in Namibia
  • Giraffes!!! (and all the other wildlife)
  • Meeting the people of Namibia, especially the sweet little children
  • Going 30 days without using heat on my hair 
  • Seeing the stars
  • The African sunrise and sunsets
  • Authentic foods
  • Climbing one of the world's largest sand dunes
  • Experiencing the world
  • Personal growth

I’m nervous about….

  • Getting sick
  • The culture shock
  • Water conservation
  • Odd foods
  • Going days at a time without being able to contact people back home
  • Limited wifi
  • 17 hour flight (1 of 2 complete!)
  • The actual classwork while in Namibia

This is crazy. I have never been this far from home. We arrived in South Africa this evening and tomorrow we will travel to Namibia. As I mentioned above, resources we take for granted in America, such as water and electricity, are limited in many parts of Namibia. I will be documenting my travels through pictures and keeping a journal. I plan to blog when I can and try to Instagram often! Follow me on this adventure through Instagram @juliagracehay and give our little traveling companion @flat_rev a follow too!

I appreciate any prayers as I wander to Namibia. 

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