Introducing Sundance & Co. - A Product of Nolan & Julia

Hi friends!

My name is Julia Hay. I am a creator of Sundance & Co., along with my boyfriend Nolan Bell. We created Sundance & Co. to share our adventures in this crazy, beautiful life. You can read our story and find out more about us at About Nolan & Julia. We live authentic, travel often, and never stop chasing the sun. Through Sundance & Co. we will share our travels, photography, blogs, life experiences, and more! 

Change is good, right? If you were familiar with my blog, Wander With Grace, don't worry, it's not going anywhere. Those same blog posts are just now located under the Blog section of Sundance & Co.  I loved having my own blog, but I am even more excited to share in this new adventure with Nolan. Over the last five years, we have truly become a team. We compliment each other and are most definitely stronger together than apart. That is why we created Sundance & Co.  We will both be sharing photos, blogs, and bits and pieces of our life on our website and social media. Honestly, who knows what is to come! Connect with us on social media this fall as I tackle my second year at Texas A&M University and Nolan launches his new business, Dynamic Auction Group, with his two best friends. 

We hope you'll wander with us on all of life's crazy adventures. 

Xo, Julia Grace

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